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CARF International is the industry leader in rehabilitation certification, monitoring and commitment to superior performance. His House Treatment Center has received the highest award, three-year accreditation after an extensive survey review for Drug Impatient Rehab. What this means for our clients is assurance that we have demonstrated conformance to internationally accepted standards and have true accountability to ongoing performance excellence. As our clients can attest, we provide true evidence of effective services based on outcomes and customer satisfaction. Read more at


Glenn Swanson CADC II, MBA is a certified Interventionist. Glenn Founded His House in 1994 as a Sober Living adding Out Patient Treatment in 2001 and Residential/Detox in 2008. Having benefited from Residential Treatment himself in 1991, Glenn knows the realities of addiction and the recovery process using the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as a core philosophy coupled with various counseling techniques and psycho-education every addict armed with these tools can build a solid foundation for recovery.


The mission of His House Addiction Treatment Centers is to assist individuals and families in overcoming substance abuse and mental health issues through holistic treatment modalities, individualized treatment plans and evidence-based programs that will address all phases of treatment and lead to long-term sustainable recovery.


The vision of His House Substance Abuse Treatment Centers is to be a leader in the behavioral healthcare industry for restoring hope, rebuilding lives, assisting clients and supporting their families by facilitating positive changes designed to improve the quality of life on a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental level.


Complete abstinence from all mind or mood-altering substances is the cornerstone of recovery and rehab for alcoholics and drug addicts. The disease of addiction is progressive and potentially fatal if left untreated. At His House Rehab Centers we are committed to providing our clients with the tools necessary to overcome this life-destroying debilitation. Addiction is treatable by learning and practicing honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness along with appropriate counseling from professional, certified, and experienced staff members. These tools, coupled with exposure to the 12-Step recovery principles and strong compassionate peer support provide a solid foundation for continued sobriety and long-term recovery.


Every staff member at His House Treatment Facilities in Upland, California is expected to adhere to and model the following core values to clients, peers and business associates:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Service